Hydraulic Pump Repair and Hydraulic Pump Rebuild

Can A Hydraulic Pump BRebuilt? 

If you are in need of hydraulic pump repairs. you will be asking yourself “can a hydraulic pump be rebuilt?”

Whether or not to repair or rebuild an engineering product often depends on the durability of the product and its economic value. In the case of hydraulic pumps, a rebuild is often worthwhile and can be undertaken with the right brand new components or parts.

Often, a hydraulic pump can be given a ‘second life’ in this way and go on to give many more years of solid service. A rebuild is often worth considering, instead of completely replacing a hydraulic pump with a new one. It can be more cost-effective and if carried out by an experienced and knowledgeable team, should result in little to no downtime, or loss of income.

It’s important to let the professionals deal with anything as complex as this and the team at CJ Plant are able to carry out hydraulic repairs to an exceptionally high standard, with a focus on quality. Here we’ll explain more about rebuilding hydraulic pumps 

Precision Hydraulic Pump Repairs and Rebuilds 

Hydraulic pumps require precise rebuilds. In years gone by it was typical to find repairs or refurbishments being carried out rather than full rebuilds. Often this process would involve gluing, welding, or fusing two or more components in order to make them fully operational again.  

For precision, high-end hydraulics, however, a full rebuild may be a safer and ultimately more cost effective method of repair, resulting in a pump that goes on to perform strongly for years to come, with little other than regular, scheduled maintenance needed to keep it running.  

A rebuilt hydraulic pump, can function to as near original condition as possible if the work is carried out by professionals who are experienced and trained in this kind of work.  

In the first instance, the manufacturer of the pump should give an indication as to whether it is advisable to repair or rebuild a product and they should also state which parts of the equipment must not be repaired at all. The end user can then make an informed decision about what to do.  

Hydraulic Components and Rebuilding Them 

Once a hydraulic pump is sourced and in use, it is the responsibility of the original equipment manufacturer to offer repair, rebuild or service options. Once the warranty of the equipment runs out, it is often (but not always) left to the operators to carry out work on the machinery as and when it is needed.  

It is then that machine operators and owners will want to look for alternate, cost-effective and fast solutions to rebuild machinery so that downtime is reduced. This is where professionals such as CJ Plant come in. We can help with the repair or rebuild process, quickly, effectively and with as little interruption to business as possible.  

Rebuilding or Repairing? 

A hydraulic pump is defined as a dynamic product. This is because it has a continuous function. In any hydraulic system, the pumps need to run at all times. They might not always be in load condition, and sometimes might run at idle speed. This means that natural wear and tear is more common in its components than with other hydraulic products.  

Therefore, hydraulic pumps can often suffer from more frequent failure during their lifespan. As an example, a rated 5 GPM pump at 1200 rpm and 100 psi will run all the time at 1200 rpm. This is true even when the machine might not be in cycle or in a no-load condition. Therefore, the need for repair, rebuild or all-around maintenance can often be higher than for other machine components.  

Hydraulic Pump Rebuilding 

Pumps, motors, valves, controls, and other constituent parts can be repaired as long as their dimensions, tolerances, and clearances are all within the right, prescribed limit. However, sometimes it makes more economic sense to carry out a full rebuild.  

A rebuild of a hydraulic pump will involve the failed product being dismantled. The reasons for the failure of the part, as well as the failed components,  are all identified. Then the relevant unit is rebuilt and assembled again with either brand new or remanufactured parts. Remanufacturing involves the inspection, repair and reuse of old components within rebuilds. However, there are regulations regarding this and old, used components are not always used for remanufacturing processes.  

A unit that has been rebuilt has to go through the dynamic testing process. This ensures that the unit that has been rebuilt still has the same engineering specifications as a new one would have.  

The end result is to always make sure that the highest quality rebuilds are carried out, with the least possible amount of downtime, so that there is little to no effect on productivity and no need for loss of equipment, or plant shut down, which can ultimately result in loss of income.  

Choose CJ Plant for Hydraulic Pump Repairs 

If you are looking for hydraulic pump repairs, a hydraulic pump rebuild, or for help and advice on any of the component parts of the machinery, then we can help you.  

We work quickly, efficiently and effectively to make sure any rebuilds are done in the most professional, cost-effective manner and with as little downtime and disruption to your business as possible. 

The team at CJ Plant are highly experienced in hydraulic pump repairs & rebuilds and are the go-to choice for anyone looking for plant repairs or plant maintenance in general.  

If you’d like to hear more about our services or find out about what we can offer you, then for more information, contact us now – https://www.cjplantmaintenance.com/contact/  

Tracey Jones

Tracey Jones is the sales & marketing director at CJ Plant Maintenance and has tonnes of experience within this sector. Tracey contributes to the blog, sharing her knowledge and passion for hydraulic repair and plant maintenance.