What to look for when choosing Hydraulic Repair Specialists?

What should I look for when choosing a hydraulic repair service? 

As any plant owner or user of hydraulic plant equipment knows, when equipment fails every minute it is out of operation is potential revenue lost and the problem must be addressed as fast as possible. Due to the complexity of the equipment user repairs are impossible and should only be attempted by experts to avoid the chance of further damage to the equipment, putting it out of service for even longer and costing even more in lost revenue and repair costs. Also attempting repairs without the necessary training and technical equipment is extremely dangerous and could put the individual at risk of severe physical injury or even death, an outcome no employer wants to risk. 


Arranging the transport of broken or damaged hydraulic unit from the worksite to a repair firm can be inconvenient to arrange, especially if the worksite is remote or difficult to access area. For example, in forestry work, quarrying, mining and similar work the worksite will by its very nature be off the beaten track and have no local repair firms. Metalworking plants, scrap metal and recycling companies or any large warehouse or factory will often have large fixed pieces of machinery that cannot be removed.  This adds to downtime and as even one piece of equipment rendered inactive can slow down the entire team or bring work to a complete stop, time is of the essence. 

Cost Effective 

As many repair services will then need to source spare parts before repairs can start or replacement parts if a unit is damaged beyond repair, further time can be lost. Even if a qualified and experienced engineer who can perform the necessary repairs is present, sourcing and acquiring specialist parts as quickly as possible with the minimum cost to the business is paramount and a reputable repair company will be able to offer advice on whether this is best course of action. Ideally the repair service will maintain a stock of parts to avoid this or even offer service exchange units or reconditioned and new units to make the process smoother and more efficient even when equipment is beyond repair.  


Obviously, any customer will want to use a professional company with a proven track record and competent, highly trained staff who can guarantee the quality of their work and provide quality aftercare service for peace of mind should any further problems arise. Assurances that any repairs bring the plant or equipment back up to OEM standards should also be sought so the customer can be sure their equipment is functioning to the most safe and efficient standards. 

Why Choose Us? 

CJ Plant are one of the UK’s leading hydraulic repair specialists who specialise in the repair of all major brands of machinery/ OEMs. We are a well-established company with years of experience in all aspects of hydraulic repairs to hydraulic pumps, motors, final drives, swing reduction units, control valve blocks etc. We believe we offer one of the most complete and cost-effective services in the country to deal with all your maintenance and repair needs in one place and place us far ahead of our competitors. Savings of up to 50% compared to main dealer prices are not uncommon for our customers. We deal daily with customers not only from the UK but from all over the world and offer a quick and professional solution which can be broken down into nine key points: 

  • Free collection service –  

We will collect parts from anywhere in the UK and deliver them to our state of the art workshop free of charge, saving you unnecessary time and cost. 

  • Free inspection –  

Once your part arrives, it will be carefully dismantled and inspected and wear tolerances will be measured and compared to manufacturers specifications at no cost. 

  • No obligation quote –  

Following our inspection and evaluation we provide the customer with a report of our findings and a competitive quote for repairs with no obligation to accept. 

  • Second inspection –  

Once our quote is accepted by the customer, all parts are meticulously cleaned first with a machine hot wash then by hand to ensure total cleanliness. This also allows a second inspection by experienced repair staff to ensure no damage has missed. 

  • Comprehensive repair process – 

Once we are sure the unit and all its components have been inspected as fully as possible, all damaged and worn parts are replaced. All O-rings, seals and bearings are also replaced and the unit is completely rebuilt. 

  • Full post repair testing –  

All hydraulic pumps are then tested to ensure they function fully to manufacturers specifications. 

  • Custom testing rig –  

To ensure our customers receive the optimum performance from their equipment on its return we have invested in custom built hydraulic testing equipment unique to our facility to be certain we deliver the best results. This means our hydraulic testing can be performed at various speeds and pressures to simulate the actual working conditions the part will be subjected to when working in line with OEM standards. All fluids used are filtered to ensure purity and prevent any contamination at the last stage. 

  • Full warranty –  

Once work is completed, we offer a twelve month written warranty giving worldwide cover and excellent after sales care to guarantee customer satisfaction. 

  • Parts and replacement service –

Our large network of parts suppliers means that not only can we provide repairs in the shortest time possible but the range of spares we carry means we can also supply these when needed for jobs the customer can complete on their own. When repair is not possible, we can also supply a range of reconditioned and new unit. We can also offer a service exchange programme when necessary and all the products we supply are fully OEM tested. 

At CJ Plant we pride ourselves not just on the speed and quality of our work but on the standard of service we provide to all customers, regardless of location, size of order or complexity of their request. Our friendly, professional staff make it their business to help satisfy all our customers’ needs and requirements and would be happy to answer any enquiries. Please call and speak to one of our Hydraulic Repair Services today. 

Email: tracy.jones@cjplant.com 

Telephone: 01527 535 805